You Mean You Haven’t Heard of Kiss Kiss?

Beethovan + Electric Guitars + Passionate lyrics + Mosh Pit = Kiss Kiss

There are bands that are all about the live show; the CD exists so you can relive the live show. Then there are bands that have nothing else to offer other than what they put out on their albums. Then there’s Kiss Kiss.

Kiss Kiss… well… I love Kiss Kiss. They are both about their live show, and their CD.

See, when you first see a Kiss Kiss show, despite what I’m gong to tell you, you won’t be prepared for it. People generally have one of two reactions:

1.) What the hell is this noise?

2.) This noise is awesome!

The “What the hell is this noise?” crowd were actually few and far between at SUNY Purchase , where Kiss Kiss, like many other bands I already have the capacity to review, formed a while ago ( like most things about my college years, dates and times… and events… are hazy, so I don’t have exact dates for you), but I’ve seen them… often they are people there for another band, that are intrigued by the classic-sounding music, but are thrown off by this sudden descent into chaos and noise, with the lead singer’s voice often overpowered by the music, and the speed of the lyrics making them hard to understand… I’ve always imagined him a mumbler myself.

Then there’s the crowd of “This noise is awesome!”. Drawn in by the same intrigue as the previous group, something about the chaos draws us in even more, and we become enchanted by it. The chaos isn’t just chaos. It’s the most organized musical chaos you may ever see in your life, and the “noise” isn’t noise at all, but more experiments with sounds (a popular theme in Purchase at the time, though not every band that tried to experiment with feedback, sound and volume, were as successful).

Kiss Kiss is certainly all about the live show, but I think, personally, you need their album to appreciate the live performance more. Listening to the music on their CDs, you can certainly hear the vocals much better, and hear the poetry that is in the lyrics, and how those lyrics work with the music… it’s from listening to the album that you appreciate the finely orchestrated chaos that is Kiss Kiss, and you gain even more appreciation for that organized chaos when you watch them on stage: energetic, playing off of each other, and going beyond what they put on their album. A Kiss Kiss show is an adventure every time…

Speaking of albums, they have two out now, and are currently working on a (very cursed, it seems) third one.

There is their self-titled EP, and Reality vs. The Optimist. “Satellite” and “Machines”, both great songs, are available for purchase off of iTunes, though you could just go here and buy Kiss Kiss for $3.00, and Reality vs The Optimist for $5.00, which is a great deal for 12 songs… or 17 if you buy both (though I’d hurry up and take advantage of the sale, which is only through the end of the summer).

If you’re in the area, they have one show coming up:

“August, 9 2008 at Welcome To Rockland Fest @ The Nyack Center w/ BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE, THE 12 LOOKS LIKE YOU!!
58 Depew Ave., Nyack, NY, 10960
Cost : $20 adv./$22 day of show”

Songs to definitely catch by Kiss Kiss: “Says My Doctor”, “College Film”, “Killing the Son”

Reality vs The Optimist: “Janet”, “Sixth Sense”, “Machines”, “Satellite”, “Stay The Day”


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