Dimebag Darrell Tribute At Ozzfest 2008

Above is the only decent video with good audio that I could find from the Dimebag tribute. It is “A New Level” with Max Cavalera [Soulfly], King Diamond, Scott Ian [Anthrax], and Kerry King [Slayer]. Many people are thrashing on King Diamond’s backing vocals, I embrace them.

From what I have seen of this venue on YouTube, it really doesn’t seem like the greatest place to hold the only Ozzfest show of the year. You can probably see what I mean. There seems to be no good view of the stage and the location of the jumbo screens are not optimal. Then there is that ugly Pizza Hut logo on top of the stage. I am confident they will bring the show back on the road next year.


2 Responses to “Dimebag Darrell Tribute At Ozzfest 2008”

  1. i went to the ozzfest and i was in front, the view was really awesome and the jumbo screen of the middle was incredible it was a great concert

  2. Yeah, I admit it. I am a bit sour over the 1-show deal this year. I’ll get over it. Time heals all wounds.

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