Track-By-Track: Extreme – Saudades de Rock (2008)

“Star” The opening track of Saudades de Rock features pretty vocal harmonies by the band in the refrain and several great guitar riffs. I also had my head banging for most of the tune. However, I can see many people not digging this song because it could be considered kind of wimpy too. 7/10

“Comfortably Dumb” The second track’s title is an obvious play on Pink Floyd’s, “Comfortably Numb.” Extreme features their typical funk metal riffage on this song. The stomp beat and crash cymbals that take the song to the next tune are one of the highlights of the album. 8/10

“Learn To Love” This is just another rock song about learning to open your heart and love again. At this point of the record, the songs are beginning to sound similar to each other. However, the song does pick up towards the end with the interlude into the outro. Now I dig. 8/10

“Take Us Alive” has a great hillbilly guitar intro. Overall, the song is very reminiscent of Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz.” 8/10

“Run” features another fun guitar and drum stomp. This song just makes me smile and bang my head. It’s a fun tune. This song forced me to pick up my guitar to work out the riff and jam along. 9/10

“Last Hour” The main thought in my head at this point is “Extreme has only gotten better with age.” This ballad has a pretty guitar into that gives a shout-out to 1950’s era rock. You can also hear the 50s influence in the background vocals. 8/10

“Flower Man” is a fast rock tune that actually reminds me of the work of pop-punk bands like New Found Glory, but then Nuno Bettencourt rips into a sick guitar solo, killing that thought. 8/10

“King of the Ladies” has a drum intro in the style of “When the Levee Breaks” then begins to have a feel similar to Weezer’s “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” on the Red Album. If you were wondering, I like both of those songs, which means this one is a winner. The very catchy chorus will be stuck in my head for some time. 8/10

“Ghost” is the piano ballad track on this album with nice falsetto vocals. Just might be the best tune on the album. If it was 1992 or before, I think this song would have a shot at the mainstream charts. 9/10

“Slide” is way better than the Goo Goo Dolls song of the same name. This song contains the classic Nuno funk riffs. 8/10

“Interface” is an acoustic track on the record about losing people and being tired of the pain. Nothing new or fresh, but there is no need to reinvent the wheel, is there? 8/10

“Sunrise” is the second to last track that contains a “Black Dog” feel throughout the main riff. 8/10

“Peace (Saudade)” is another piano ballad and the closer of Saudades de Rock. What’s the message of this song? Well, “Pray for peace.” I like peace too, but I am just bored while listening to this track. 6/10

Extreme is Gary Cherone [Vocals], Nuno Bettencourt [Guitar], Pat Badger [Bass], and Kevin Figueiredo [Drums].

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