Review: Metallica “The Day That Never Comes” [2008]

The first single off of Metallica’s Death Magnetic, “The Day That Never Comes,” has finanally arrived on the Metallica websites including their MySpace page.

The song begins with a clean guitar intro, equipped with a soothing guitar solo. The verses stay mellow while the chorus’s have a bit of a “Fade To Black” [Ride The Lightning] feel…Nice. I can tell you that this song is mixed about 9,000 times better than anything off of St. Anger; the snare drum actually has a pop again, rather than that obnoxious ping!

The song begins to thrash out at the 5 minute mark, in the style of the breaks heard in “Seek & Destroy” [Kill ‘Em All] and “One” [And Justice For All]. It is so refreshing to hear guitar solos once again, including dual guitar harmonies like the good old days. This song rocks, no, this song rules. It is great to have them back for real. 8/10

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7 Responses to “Review: Metallica “The Day That Never Comes” [2008]”

  1. I thought the song started out well, but when it kicks into the heavier part near the end, it sounded sorta generic. If this indicates the direction they are headed on this CD, I like it, but I hope they make the rest of the songs more compelling.

  2. […] bit mellow only to be overcome by a series of ridiculous guitar solos in typical Metallica fashion. Gears of Rock has a review. BuzzStoc has the lyrics. iTunes will have it available for […]

  3. this reminded me a lot of outlaw torn in the middle, i quite like the mellow pop song style at the start – but felt i’d heard it before..i LOVED the return to classic justice era metallica after the four minute mark! i think this is a ‘come-full circle’ moment containing ‘lessons-learnt’ from their entire career.

  4. The first time I heard this I was like, “Eh”. However, I actually am starting to really like it a lot. The beginning reminds me of that bluesy Load/Reload style but better. The middle to end contains nasty drum, bass and guitar work. I’m liking this one, best song heard since something off the Black Album. I’d also have to agree 8/10

  5. I’ve heard many many times now and I must say it only gets better. This is what turned me into Metallica in the first place, great mixing between sad slow and agressive fast music. All in one epic 8 minute track. It’s a bit of the olf stuff, a bit of justice, a bit of sabbath (3:58).. Hetfield is only getting better at vocals as well. Sure, the 85-98 voice is gone, but it’s just that.. Gone, as in not coming back. The new voice does not have the same aggro but at least he can hit different notes now.

    Having heard this and Cyanide I can hardöy wait for the full album.

    This one though is a 9/10 for me.

  6. god, the spelling errors 🙂 Was a bit eager me thinks.. I also meant 85-89 of course…

  7. feigningenius Says:

    I love the track. Solid 9/10. I also love Cyanide. I wrote a review for The Day That Never Comes if anyone is interested in reading…

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