Review: Metallica “My Apocalypse” [2008]

Yesterday, Metallica generously uploaded another track from Death Magnetic to The song is titled “My Apocalypse” and is the third song from the upcoming release that we have been exposed to since August 8.

“My Apocalypse” has an …And Justice For All feel to it; the intro guitar riff and drums summon the evils heard in “Harvester of Sorrow.” The song is fully equipped with thrash guitars, fast drums, and ferocious vocals. There is also a start-stop tempo in the middle after the shredderiffic Kirk Hammett solo. James Hetfield’s voice sounds better than ever on this track, or at least the best since the Black Album. 8/10

So far, Metallica is batting 3 for 3 [“Cyanide,” “The Day That Never Comes,” “My Apocalypse”] leaving us fans really excited for the release of Death Magnetic on September 12.

On a side note, the band has been using the internet in a very appropriate manner to promote this record and have been showing more care than ever to their fans since the Napster debacle. Cheers!

11 Responses to “Review: Metallica “My Apocalypse” [2008]”

  1. love the song!! thrashy thrashy thrashy!!!

    MetallicA is not back
    because MetallicA never left

  2. My face just melted. What an insane song. This exceeded my expatations that were already really high. Whoever says these new songs are awful is just retarted. I will fight you. In their 3 new songs they already have a fade to black mixed with one, a song with an intro of harvestor of sorrow mixed with a dyers eve thrashyness(if thats even a word) and kill em all drums. This is outstanding. I am starting to loose sleep over the wait for this new album.

  3. All the songs that have been released by Metallica are insane. Metallica Never LEFT!!! I hope to see them when they come to D.C.


  4. awesome song sounds like damage inc. mixed with some justice

  5. imo, this song (which is great) resembles whiplash. Also, Ross, when you want to fight the retards who say the new songs are awful, let me know, I want to lend a hand.

  6. I totally agree with all you guys, Ross & Dan I will back you guys up in any fight!
    Whoever slags these songs off cannot be a real Metallica fan, they must be deaf or complete dickheads!
    This is METALLIFUCKINGCA! loud & proud, simply the most relevant metal band of all time!

  7. Being a big fan since “master” was released, I gotta say: FUCK YEAH!! That’s the sound I fell in love with when I was a teen. Metallica is back and this time, it’s no mercy. the drums are fast, james sounds better than ever and Kirk kicks some asses with the dynamic that leaves my head banging up and down! simply insane… love it!

  8. hey,everyone says that this songs reminds them of a different metallica song (damage inc,harvester of sorrow,whiplash).thats why they are using the style of the first albums.not that the newer albums are bad….

  9. Well its fast and thrashy and could have been on ‘Justice’..
    I’m not 100% happy about the production on the drums, but theres so much energy pouring from this track that I might forget it in the long run..
    I became a fan in 1986 and I’ve been a fan ever since…
    But I damn sure missed a song like this from the masters!

  10. […] “My Apocalypse” will win Best Metal Performance because Slipknot’s mediocre “Psychosocial” is the only posed threat. Slipknot lacks the history and the level of talent to compete with the Bay Area Thrashers. […]

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