You Mean You Haven’t Heard of O’Death?

…Actually, there is a small chance that maybe you have heard of O’Death, as my roommate’s boyfriend has heard of them and didn’t go to college with us.
In case you haven’t though…
How to describe O’Death? Well.. they are certainly unique… I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever run across another Gothic/Country/Punk band out there… then again I don’t actively seek out the genre, since I am actually not a fan of country, punk, OR goth. Somehow, though, O’Death manages to combine all three elements into something that’s distinctively part country, part punk, and part goth…

…And all good. I know: it’s counter-intuitive.

Like many other bands I could name from my SUNY Purchase days, O’Death caught me by surprise. I certainly didn’t go out of my way to see them, but they were playing, and they were good, and I’m glad I accidentally discovered them and stuck with them.
Like all live shows I thrive on, their’s is full of energy; the crowd feeds off the energy from the band, who feeds off the energy from the crowd.
The best way I can think of to describe their music is this: Imagine the soundtrack to “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”*. Good, now imagine if Tim Burton had directed it.

I highly recommend all of their tracks, but if you are cheap and not willing to buy a whole album from a band that comes as a recommendation from some random person on the internet, you can try listening to these tracks (which always find their way on my iPod despite my intentions to change the playlist at least once a month)**:

Spider Home
Down to Rest
Allie Mae Reynolds
O Lee O
Busted Old Church
All the World
Low Tide
I Think I’m Fine
Nimrod’s Son

There are also some free songs available here, including “Adelita” (which is my personal favorite of theirs, despite “Nimrod’s Son” having the lyric: “You are the son of incestuous union”, which, I think, makes it awesome by default).

They have a bunch of shows coming up, but only one in NYC, so if you are in the area on September 10th, I suggest buying tickets for this show, on a cruise ship, and seeing them, and feel free to say “Hi” to me (you know, assuming you can figure out who I am from my internet anonymity), because I am really excited to be seeing them again.
If you’re not in NYC, they may be coming around to your town, so besure to check out their myspace and check them out!

Next Week: A Band I didn’t go to school with! (I swear!)

*Also known as “That effin’ movie with George Clooney’s whose title I can never remember without going on IMDB

**It’s a short list, and it really hurts me that I can’t fit in songs like “Only Daughter” and “Nathaniel”… but I suppose sacrifices have to be made in order to have all the bands I love represented on my iPod (shuffle…. if someone wanted to… say… donate me a Zune….)

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One Response to “You Mean You Haven’t Heard of O’Death?”

  1. I really like “Down To Rest.” It reminds me of a twisted Primus song, it’s great fun.

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