Review: Hunting Lodge – Energy Czar [2004]

Spastic dance-rock with an underlying anger issue applies to the sounds which come from the 12-track Energy Czar by UK act Hunting Lodge. This tripped-out trio take bits of Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, and The Birthday Party to make sublime music whose sound echoes like the brilliance of a four-year old covered in fingerpaint. Splicing and dicing its way to your ears with alarming urgency thanks to a rollicking bass guitar that pounds you to submit to the chaotic cacaphony of “Silver Prince”, the throbbing stomp of “(K)Palixio, Nature Wizered” or the disjointed prog rock on “Dub Ghost”, this band, now broken up, has left an alluring slab of furiously fuzzed-out noise rock in their wake. -Mike SOS

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