Review: My Shameful – Descend [2008]

Let there be doom was the decree, and My Shameful readily beckoned the call on the seven-track 50 minute sojourn Descend. Utilizing a crawling tempo throughout and adorned with a multitude of ghastly vocal styles to creep the masses out, this troupe take the classic blueprints drawn by Celtic Frost and Candlemass and death metal them up to resemble something to the effect of a never-ending Nordic nightmare in slow motion (“Allconsuming”) or ensconced in ice (“Kill the Emptiness”). Slow, deep, and hard with a grim yet melodic twist is what this Finnish squad delivers to those seeking the works of the darker side of the spectrum. – Mike SOS

My Shameful is Sami Rautio [Guitars/Vocals], Mario Hahn [Guitars], Jürgen Fröhling [Drums], and Twist [Bass].

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