You Mean You Haven’t Heard of Pro Audio?

Well, that’s cool, cause neither had I until a few weeks ago when I received a MySpace frined request from them. Now, I’m not a huge fan of bands friending me on MySpace: I have issues with people invading my personal internet space; besides, I barely have the time to follow all the bands I already do: it’s unlikely I’ll go see them, and I’m pretty big on going to see bands live before making a judgement call on them.
However, I do give every band that friends me a chance to impress me, so I went to Pro Aduio’s MySpace and gave them a chance.

So, here’s where I come clean: I’m a geek. I was a nerd, and a few years at college I brushed the arm of dorkdom; so when I saw a song named “FU Robot” I knew I had found a band I could appreciate.

Pro Audio isn’t for everyone, I’ll say that. If you don’t get why people like They Might Be Giants, who seem to be a heavy influence, then avoid them at all costs. If, however, you DO like TMBG, don’t mind hearing new things, and/or enjoy songs about robots, then you should give them a shot!
They have one album, Make the Happiness Stop, for which I can vouch, and one, Saturday We’re Even, which I can’t. They are both available to order through iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, Napster and Rhapsody, and Make the Happiness Stop can also be ordered through them. You can also stream their music for free at Last FM.

My iPod songs are “Identity Theft,” “The Entrails Song,” “F.U. Robot,” “Sean We Were Uncool” (watch the video!), The “King of Awkward Coversation, and: And Then I was a Cat.”

I would say their music falls in the realm of pop/alternative/nerd rock. There is a slightly experimental feel to some of the songs, but I woudln’t say there’s a really strong experimental element to them.

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One Response to “You Mean You Haven’t Heard of Pro Audio?”

  1. Pro Audio are a great band. I’ve got their first album too which is very good as well. “Student Loans” is a must download song!

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