You Mean You Haven’t Heard of Paper and Sand?

I know I’m writing this a bit late, but between general internet lameness, seeing O’Death on a boat (by the way, I highly recommend seeing bands play on boats), getting in touch with old friends, apartment hunting, and going an 80’s Prom Night, I’ve been fairly exhausted, and not checking out new bands (which is horrible of me).

However, I can state, with absolute certainty, that you should clear your plans for October 3rd (a Friday), and go to Crash Mansion to see Paper and Sand.

I have to confess one of the jewels of my cd collection would be Wil Farr’s acoudtic demo cd that he gave out for free one night in the Co-Op, at SUNY Purchase… my cd has a bunch of stars (or pentagrams) drawn on it. Having only heard him as the guitarist for The Fire Flies, it was interesting to hear his own music, and what he was capable of.

The first thing you’ll notice when listening to PaS for the first time, if you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been saying all this time, is that they are vastly different from The Fire Flies. While The Fire Flies have a distinctive pop sound to them, PaS are distinctly rock.

Listening to the lyrics is something that will take you a while to do, as you’ll be drawn into the song by the music alone. After a few listens, though, you’ll hear some amazing stream-of-concious lyrics, and vocals, by Wil Farr, that directly mirror the tone of the song, and are powerful.

PaS has an ep, with information on how to purchase it on their myspace. I highly recommend it: I have all 6 tracks on my iPod. You can sample some of them from their myspace: “A Million Miles,” “The Cruelest Joke, “and “The Age of Imperials,” though my favorite from “Wolf at my Door” is “I Lost my Head.” If you’re only going to buy one track, buy “Age of Imperials”: it’s a cynical, jaded song, and I approve of most things cynical. I’m currently really digging “Calling for Me,” which has not yet been released, save for their myspace.

For interests sake, Paper and Sand also have a myspace that has acoustic demos of their songs.

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