Review: Mar de Grises – Draining The Waterheart [2008]

Chilean quintet Mar de Grises pack a soulful crunch into their thunderous doom metal on the grandiose Draining the Waterheart. This eight-track endeavor intertwines Moonspell, Opeth, and November’s Doom, as Mar de Grises diligently doles out proportionate nuances of the strongest merits of their influences while fleshing out their own style. Cuts like the stirring “Wooden Woodpecker Conversions” and the dirge-like “Kilometros de Nada” displays their proficient spreading of the slow and low gloom, and throwing in a bit of Pink Floyd during the melodic and mellowed “One Possessed” for added texture further demonstrates their tremendously fluent musical acumen shine brighter. For those about to mourn, this unit delivers an album one can reflect while pondering the meaningless of life to. – Mike SOS

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