Review: The Clash – Live at Shea Stadium [2008]

If you are a fan of the legendary band, The Clash, then there is no excuse for not picking up this live record. Live at Shea Stadium was recorded in 1982 when the iconic London imports opened for the other iconic British imports, The Who. The Shea set presents The Clash in their prime and contains all of their classics in a high quality live recording.

One of the best parts of listening to this live Clash album is hearing Joe Strummer’s banter before, during, and after the songs — Green Day’s Billy Joe and Sublime’s Brad Nowell obviously paid close attention as youngsters to the pioneering punk rockers.

Overall, there is a high sense of jealousy that the listener will have to overcome while hearing this live album — the envy is towards the thousands of fans that were lucky enough to attend this show. Please, be strong and patient. This pain should only be temporary. In time it should transform into a refreshing celebration devoted to the genius of The Clash.

Track Listing:

“Kosmo Vinyl Introduction”

“London Calling”

“The Guns of Brixton”

“Tommy Gun”

“Magnificent 7”

“Armagideon Time”

“Magnificent 7 (Return)”

“Rock The Casbah”

“Train in Vain”

“Career Opportunities”

“Spanish Bombs”


“English Civil War”

“Should I Stay or Should I Go”

“I Fought The Law”

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