You Mean You Haven’t Heard of Bess Rogers?

Wednesday night found me at Union Hall, drinking hard cider, and listening to the music of a pretty fab lady called Bess Rogers.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, at this point, that my history with Bess Rogers is largely a non-speaking one that goes back to SUNY Purchase, where a new band was formed, and died, every day.

I find her CD a poor alternative for the sound and energy produced at the live show — the songs seem more alive and have a stronger impact in person.

This is not to say I don’t love her album, Decisions Based on Information. “Modern Man” and “See Me, See You” for example, have fixed themselves permanently in my iPod’s playlist.

While I frequently find myself humming “I Would Never,” it’s more of pushing my belief that every band who is worth their grain (or whatever that metaphor is), should sound better live and have at least one live album.

What I like best about her music is that she’s able to use insturments, like the accordion, to their full potential — as something more than a novelty sound, woven expertly into the music, which manages to highlight the lyrics.

The music and the lyrics work with each other very well — the lyrics work with the music they’re put to, as opposed to being in juxtaposition to one another, or being lyrics that could work with another peice of music just as well. It’s this kind of cohesion that makes her music worth experiencing, and which has me excited for her next album…whenever that may be.

She has a few shows coming up in the NYC area that you should go to. Also, say “hi” to her after the show, as she is pretty awesome*

October 22nd 9pm Martini Red Staten Island, NY (I will definitely be here unless I have work)
October 24th 8pm The Canal Room NYC, NY
December 16th 8pm Rockwood Music Hall NYC, NY

*She made cookies and gave them out for free after her show on Wednesday; it’s illegal in NYC to be considered NOT awesome if you do that.

Preview and buy Bess Rogers music


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