Kid Rock and Dale Jr. in National Guard Promo

If you have been to the movies recently, you may have seen a video of Kid Rock performing “Warrior” right before the previews. The video features Dale Earnhardt Jr. racing his #88 car and soldiers on various missions. This collaboration is part of a fairly new recruiting campaign for the National Guard. Check out the video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Download the song for free

Watch the making of the video

Purchase Kid Rock’s latest album, Rock n Roll Jesus

4 Responses to “Kid Rock and Dale Jr. in National Guard Promo”

  1. This videa was so moving – it makes a person want to get up and do back for the troops… immediately! It’s what they need more of, more of what they deserve.

    God Bless,
    Bobbiejean Sparks

  2. STAUTER007 Says:

    This is an excellent example of America and what America stands for.
    The Helicopters make this all the more intense and bring reality into light.This is a nice touch. Participation is great moral is good, All while making a real point. The family sence and awareness is also ever so touching such as the father daughter being captured in the moment. That being said I am not sure if it accures to anyone that these troops are being pretty selfless in regards to leaving their famillies behind with the real possibility on each… the solder may not return. RThis video realy depicts patriotism and the appreciation.

  3. […] Kid Rock and Dale Jr. in National Guard Promo […]

  4. For the most part, I am not a Kid Rock fan. But when I saw this music video, I couldn’t help but enjoy it for what it is. Pride for my country swelled. It is a great song with fierce video shouting forth a very basic idea. The United States of America didn’t just appear, it was made. National Guards are the first line of defense for the nation during natural disasters and terrorist attacks. But we can’t forget the local, government funded, support as well (police, fire fighters, medical).

    Mad props to the maker behind this. We need more people to realize were their rights and freedom comes from. The blood and sweat of soldiers out on the front line, fighting for and defending those who are unable to do so themselves.

    Now if only SOMEONE as bold would come up with a Music Video showing how silly politicians are with their bi-partisan selves when they all should be united as one for the good of the country.

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