Review: Head On Collision – Ritual Sacrifice [2008]

Personifying a true thrash metal throwback, Missouri outfit Head On Collision channel the early periods of heavyweights such as Kreator, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, and first few Slayer records for influence on the 11-track Ritual Sacrifice. These dudes are pretty well-versed in doling out hyper-speed riffs and blistering solos (“The Flames of Aggression”) and while there’s nary a sign of originality apparent (is that riff from the title cut lifted from Slayer or what?), the band’s stone-faced delivery, spot-on precision (especially on the drums) and brash bravado propel tracks like the chuggingly good “Electrocutioner” and “Retaliate” away from the pack and into territories reserved for newer retro acts such as Municipal Waste. If you’re a thrash enthusiast, picking this disc up is essential. -Mike SOS

Preview and buy Ritual Sacrifice

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