Upcoming Rock Releases: Sammy Hagar, Guns N Roses, Weiland, Killers…

With the exception of Chinese Democracy, it turns out that November is a pretty slow month in terms of new rock albums. Below is a list of the upcoming records that may be of interest to the rock fanatic.


George Lynch – Let The Truth Be Known Ex-Dokken guitarist put together this record with the Brides of Destruction singer, London LeGrand. Pre-release verdict: It is nice that Lynch is still making rock records, but we shouldn’t expect much here. [BUY]

Hinder – Take It To The Limit Mainstream rock radio plays these guys all the time and I have never been that impressed; sounds like generic modern rock to me. Pre-release verdict: Just not into it. [BUY]

Nov. 18

Sammy Hagar – Cosmic Universal Fashion Sammy is a rock legend and can still put on a great show, even though it is normally to half empty arenas in the summertime. Pre-release verdict: Pumped. [BUY]

Nickelback – Dark Horse These guys are in the same league as Hinder; over produced modern rock muck. Pre-release verdict: Again, not into it. [BUY]

Nov. 23:

Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy Let’s see if this album was worth the wait. My gut says “NO” but I would love to be proved wrong on this one. Pre-release verdict: Curious, anxious, and excited. [BUY]

Nov. 25, 2008

Scott Weiland – Happy in Galoshes After leaving Velvet Revolver and a summer reunification tour with Stone Temple Pilots, Weiland decides it’s time for his first solo release since 12 Bar Blues. The two summer shows I witnessed were not very good at all, and worried me that he may be messing with the smack again. I hope he has it, or can pull it together. Pre-release verdict: Don’t think it will be any good, but still curious of what this will be. [Buy]

The Killers – Day & Age Las Vegas post punk revival rockers have this studio album to distribute before year’s end. The first single, “Human,” is a decent tune but nothing like the glorious “Mr. Brightside.” Pre-release verdict: Looking forward to it. [BUY]


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