Review: Bruce Springsteen “A Night With The Jersey Devil” [2008]

Fans of Bruce Springsteen should check out the unreleased track, “A Night With The Jersey Devil,” at You can download it for free and stream the video until Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008.

“A Night With The Jersey Devil” is fully equipped with a dirty southern blues tone and spooky musical repetition worthy of an evil cult gathering. Springsteen sounds like he is screaming into a microphone 666 feet away creating a creepshow feel, making this a perfect Halloween tune. However, fans will probably use this purely for their Halloween playlists due to the old time muffled production, which was probably The Boss’s intent. 7/10

Download for free until Nov.2

Hear are the lyrics from the press release:

Hear me now!

I was born 13th child, ‘neath the 13th moon

Spit out all hungry and born anew

Daddy drag me to the river tie me in rocks

Throw me in where it’s deep and wide

I go down, I don’t die

Hole in the river bottom, I crawl through

Come back kill six brothers and sisters, kill papa too

Sway down Mama, sway down low

They gonna know me wherever I go

Into my bed with her kerosene my mama creep

Set my flesh to burning, whilst I sleep

I burn, burn, burn, till my soul burn black

Black rains fall, I come back, I come back

Get down Mama, get down low

They gonna know me wherever I go

16 witches, cast 16 spells

Make me a guitar outta skin and human skull

Sing you a song like the wind in the sandy loam

Bring you baby out your happy home

Ram’s head, forked tail, clove hoof, love’s my trail

I sup on your body, sip on your blood like wine

Out world theirs, this world mine

So kiss me baby till it hurts

God lost in heaven, we lost on earth

Sway down Mama, sway down low

They gonna know me wherever I go

Wherever I go, wherever I go

Well I got a brand new lover

I love her yes I do,

She’s my one and only and her name is Baby Blue…

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