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Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 3 [11-29-08]

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metalshow_logo3That Metal Show starring hard rock guru Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its third episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The first topic of discussion was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s shortcomings when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal. Trunk, sporting an interesting “Ruben Studdard” style leather jacket, stated that the Rock Hall of “Shame” is a joke even though Metallica is on the short list for induction this year. Florentine, wearing a cool “Blizzard of Ozz” long sleeve tee, pointed out that Metallica was never accepted by the Rolling Stone critics and the Grammy’s until they cut their hair.

blizzard-teeDee Snider and Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister were introduced as this week’s special guests, and continued the discussion. Snider described the Rock Hall as “offensive,” citing the lack of metal icons like Alice Cooper in the Hall. French noted that the museum’s section depicting the “History of Atlantic Records” stops at 1979, when Heavy Metal exploded.

According to Snider and French, TS began as a NY Dolls “clone band” with French unable to sing Led Zeppelin tunes. Snider joined the band and they worked the east coast bar scene playing much of Led Zeppelin I.

It turned out that Snider and French inspired Florentine to pursue comedy with their live stage banter. Snider even picked on a teenage Florentine at a concert for not pumping his fists, who was holding two beers in the front row.

amazon-twisted-sisterFrench and Trunk recently attended a Heaven and Hell concert at Radio City Music Hall, where French was amazed at how well Dio can front Black Sabbath. However, Snider thinks Dio is too old.

Florentine stated that TS “kicked ass” when they closed “Rocklahoma.” Snider is proud that all five original members can still perform and that the only excuse not to play a reunion show is “death.”

French explained three upcoming TS events: #1 is the recently released Live at Astoria DVD, #2 is the Dec. 5 “Twisted Christmas on Broadway” show (I’ll be there, so make sure you say “hey”), and #3 is next year’s 25th anniversary “Stay Hungry” tour with the original stage setup. Snider noted that this will be the final time TS will perform in costume and makeup.

kissologyTrunk remains with a .500 average on “Stump The Trunk.” I was surprised he forgot that Metallica’s James Hetfield was scorched in Montreal…Trunk answered “Salt Lake City.” The studio member couldn’t remember the guitarist that replaced Hetfield for several shows, but neither could Trunk. The guy ended up picking two prizes from the “Box of Junk.” The prize box greatly improved this episode by including some classic albums and DVDs rather than the same “Kissology” DVD. Trunk answered questions regarding The Scorpions and Mötley Crüe drumming correctly. However, Trunk originally answered the Crüe question with Randy Castillo but then changed to Samantha Maloney, the correct answer.

The “Pick of the Week” was the Heavy Metal box set issued by Rhino records. It has been out for just over a year and is shaped like a Marshall amp head with knobs that go to 11.

amazon-heavy-metal“What’s up with Cinderella?” was the email question of the week. Trunk said that Tom Keifer has been having some trouble with his voice. Snider said that singers like Keifer and Brian Johnson [AC/DC] have a style that is very harsh on the vocal chords.

The “Throwdown” question had to do with the most loyal fans—The Kiss Army or Rush fans? French and Florentine sided with Rush fans while Trunk, Snider, and Jamieson picked the Kiss Army. Trunk pointed out that Kiss fans have put up with lineup changes and even disco. French said that Rush fans have far more class and then ripped on Gene Simmons for embarrassing the Kiss trademark and went as far to say that Simmons “doesn’t respect his fans.” Florentine joked that Clay Aiken has an army too. Jamieson asked the studio audience, “Kiss or Rush?” and the audience seemed split right down the middle. Last week, the crowd was overwhelmingly for Black Sabbath over Led Zeppelin.

Overall, another great episode of That Metal Show. I must note that there was no comedic bit with Jamieson and Florentine as seen in the first two shows. Instead, the additional time was devoted to the week’s guests, which of course worked out very well with Snider and French providing interesting insights. Looking forward to next week’s show with Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater.

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Addendum: Watch the full episodes of That Metal Show on now.

Review: Eddy Dyer – …Into Doves of Grey [2008]

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amazon-eddy-dyerA subdued and melancholic aura envelopes the 14-tracks contained on Eddy Dyer’s latest offering …INTO DOVES OF GREY. Consisting of mainly acoustic guitar and voice with some mandolin peeking through at times, this 14-track endeavor showcases traces of psychedelica on “Nthru Nbeon,” issues with spirituality on cuts like the not so subtle “Jesus Christ,” the protest-esque “Snakes out of Boston” and “Out at Night” and a glimpse at Dyer’s personal relationships on “Song for Jamie” and the richly strummed “Jennifer.” Meshing the stark nuances of Jack Johnson with a rebellious streak poised at full strength, Eddy Dyer’s unique subject matter and stark arrangements yield an unexpectedly hearty listening experience.
www.rootsuckerrecords.comMike SOS

Riphouse 151 Documentary Showings, Radio Interviews, and More

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Be sure to check out the thrash metal documentary Riphouse 151: Could’ve Been’s & Wanna Be’s on Dec.5 at the Nyack Village Theatre this Friday Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. You can purchase tickets in advance for $8 here.


Here is the film synopsis from the PR:

RIPHOUSE 151: Could’ve Been’s & Wanna Be’s is a retrospective documentary feature film which showcases the local music scene of Rockland County, NY. The film is focused around a band (RIPHOUSE) from Congers, a hamlet within the county. Based just thirty minutes out of NYC the band had everything going for them, except themselves. Beginning as a local high school cover band they quickly began writing original material that inspired a community of their peers. On the cusp of breaking through to the national circuit their founder and front man veered down a life changing path which his band members could not follow. Filled with truth, fame, success, drugs, and death, Could’ve Been’s & Wanna Be’s is the story of the house that ripped and the family that died. Narrated by the band members themselves and including interviews with 30+ people including Rob Dukes of Exodus and Don La Greca of ESPN Radio.

Featuring: Mike Clancy, Jim DeMaria, Jon Eleazar, Joe Galvin, Rob Dukes, Don La Greca, Rob Moschetti, J.R. Maloney, and Ken Ortiz.

Dir. Peter O’Brien

Run Time: 106 min.

Riphouse 151: Could’ve Been’s & Wanna Be’s (Trailer)

Before the screenings, tune in to Rockland World Radio tomorrow [Nov. 30] at 4 p.m. for interviews with the filmmakers and band members. There will also be promotional giveaways for the listeners. Listen online at Rockland World Radio

Review: Ekser – Patterns of Reprisal [2007]

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ekserArizona extreme metal quartet Ekser demonstrate their firm handle of technical death metal intricacies on the 10-track PATTERNS OF REPRISAL. This offering combines blinding percussive work and breakneck rhythms with clinical guitarwork on tracks like “Sinners Reflection” and “Cold Blooded Embrace,” much like the wares of bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and Arsis. Despite this outfit’s undeniable talent though (just check out the Megadeth-esque instrumental “Redemption” as an example), this affair lacks that intangible spark to get them ahead of the curve. Even though Ekser boasts a sturdy front and solid compositions that can hold their own, there’s still something distinct missing here that keeps them from clearing the hurdle. www.shivenrecords.comMike SOS

Review: Dropclutch – The Reason [2008]

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amazon-dropclutchUpstate NY quintet Dropclutch have incorporated the best moments from modern rock radio into their 10-track jaunt THE REASON. Heavy downtuned guitars, thunderous basslines, and tasty drum work fills out this unit’s Staind meets Godsmack by way of Seether approach on tracks like “Understand” and “Hollow,” while cuts like “Make Your Move” and “Over & Over” really hammer out the aggression a la Mudvayne. Armed with an accessible yet rumbling sound while demonstrating an endless array of bass and guitar chugging to keep the heads bobbing and the bodies grooving, there’s a place on your shelves between Sevendust and Nonpoint for Dropclutch’s latest fist-pumping release. www.dropclutch.comMike SOS

Review: Rob Zombie “War Zone” The Punisher Soundtrack [2008]

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amazon-punisherRob Zombie offers a song titled “War Zone” for the upcoming movie, The Punisher: War Zone, scheduled for release on Dec. 5 through Lions Gate Entertainment. Here’s a quick rundown of the new Zombie tune:

“War Zone” begins with a heavy tom-tom percussive groove—guitars soon enter that build up to the signature Zombie ax squeals heard in his work before. The song features haunting clean guitars and creepy effects throughout the verses. John 5 delivers one hell of a shredfest during the guitar solo. Strangely, at 3:04 the drums and guitars enter what feels like an interlude, but then the track abruptly ends. Despite tricking the listener in the end, the song is a typical Rob Zombie heavy rocker—if you are a fan, then surely you will dig this track. As far as comparing this song to Zombies previous work, “War Zone” would fit better on Educated Horses than The Sinister Urge. 8/10

Listen to “War Zone”

Buy the single or soundtrack here

Full Soundtrack Song listing
  • Rob Zombie “War Zone”
  • Slayer “Final Six”
  • Slipknot “Psychosocial”
  • Rise Against “Historia Calamitatum”
  • Seether “Fallen”
  • Kerli “Bulletproof”
  • Contest Winner- TBD
  • Senses Fail “The Past Is Proof”
  • Machines of Loving Grace “Butterfly Wings”
  • Justice “Genesis”
  • Pendulum “Showdown”
  • Hatebreed “Refuse / Resist”
  • Static-X “Lunatic”
  • Ramallah “Days of Revenge”

The Punisher: War Zone Movie Trailer

The White Zombie box set, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie is in stores now. It features every song recorded including rare demos. Check out the full track listing at

Heavy Metal Music For Your Thanksgiving Playlist

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turkeyThere are hardly any Heavy Metal cuts that I can think of that deal with the themes of Thanksgiving, but here are some that we can loosely connect to the holiday (click on the songs to listen).

“Indians” by the thrash metal pioneers Anthrax can work with the following lyrics that honor the Native Americans (sort of):

Cry for the indians
Die for the indians
Cry for the indians
Cry, cry, cry for the indians
Love the land and fellow man
Peace is what we strive to have
Some folks have none of this
Hatred and prejudice

“Run To The Hills” by Iron Maiden—every holiday list seems to include at least one Iron Maiden tune, even if the content of the tune speaks of the opposing view:

White man came across the sea
He brought us pain and misery
He killed our tribes, he killed our creed
He took our game for his own need

“God Gave Rock n Roll To You” by Kiss—barely fits on the list, but shouldn’t we be thankful for rock n roll on a day devoted to giving thanks…amen.

God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone

“Kayboldum” by Moribound Oblivion—it’s only logical to incorporate some black metal from Istanbul, TURKEY!

Well, this list pretty much sucks as finding the ultimate Thanksgiving Heavy Metal tunes proves to be pretty difficult (for me). If you have any ideas, please share, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.