Review: Slayer “Psychopathy Red” [2008]

During the “Unholy Alliance” tour, Slayer gave fans in attendance a brand new single for free. The track is called “Psychopathy Red” and clocks in at 2:31. You can find this devastating tune floating around YouTube and all over the web. You can also hear it on the new Slayer record to be released this summer, and also watch the making of the tune at

“Psychopathy Red” begins with a sensational thrash riff, by ax-masters Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King, that is delivered with an evil grace and such ease. The vicious thrash chorus riffs belt the listener in the mouth leaving a slight taste of blood in the back of the throat. There is a refreshing little bass solo [1:02] by Tom Araya with the drums providing thunderous accents that set up the guitar solos. At 1:34 there is a quick groove that allows some breathing room before smashing through to the next verse. Araya’s vocals are at the usual passionately dark levels that us Slayer fans expect. Overall, another solid thrash track from these metal legends. 8.5/10

Update Oct. 2009: “Psychopathy Red” is the ninth track on Slayer’s new album World Painted Blood due Nov. 3, 2009.


4 Responses to “Review: Slayer “Psychopathy Red” [2008]”

  1. slayer gets heavier and better by the year! HORNS UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. […] [Nov.3, 2009] I have been looking forward to this album since  last year’s release of the thrash punk track “Psychopathy Red” that was offered during the “Unholy Alliance” tour. Pre-release verdict: Slayer is […]

  3. […] at its finest. Standout tracks such as “Snuff,” “World Painted Blood,” “Psychopathy Red,” and “Beauty Through Order” might as well have been A-Sides on Reign in Blood and […]

  4. Slayer sucks cock

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