Miscellaneous Rock Links: Metal Hurts Heart, XM Sirius Programming, More Maiden…

1. Study with infinite loopholes finds that heavy metal music restricts blood flow to the heart causing added stress [gigwise.com].

2. Lame vampire soundtrack bumps AC/DC’s Black Ice from the peak position on the US pop chart [reuters.com].

3. XM and Sirius finally merge their stations. Sirius “Hard Attack” is now “Liquid Metal” and “Buzzsaw” becomes “The Boneyard” [rollingstone.com].

4. Time to fuel up Ed Force One — Iron Maiden announces an extension to their highly successful “Somewhere Back In Time Tour,” hitting New Zealand for first time in 16 years [billboard.biz].

5. Ticketmaster experiments with dropping abusive service charges such as their absurd TicketFast fees [billboard.biz].

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