Miscellaneous Rock Links: Chinese Democracy Reviews, Axl’s Top Moments, Birmingham Metal

1. The Chinese Democracy Quote of the Day comes from James Hetfield of Metallica: “I’ll certainly listen to it. But I haven’t lost sleep waiting for it.” new.uk.music.yahoo.com

2. MTV lists their favorite Axl Rose moments with Chinese Democracy’s release just four days away. mtv.com

3. Here is a mixed review of Chinese Democracy. ew.com

4. Kerry King of Slayer discusses why he won’t go for a beer with James Hetfield of Metallica anytime soon. blabbermouth.net

5. Will Birmingham ever celebrate its greatest contribution to western civilization? birminghammail.net

3 Responses to “Miscellaneous Rock Links: Chinese Democracy Reviews, Axl’s Top Moments, Birmingham Metal”

  1. i’ve listened to it and it really doesn’t do it for me. I love GNR and they defintely have one of the biggest albums ever under their belt. It’s disappointing to be let down like this. They’re parts on Chinese Democracy that do shine but it is in the middle of a lot of noise , overproduction and more noise that doesnt make alot of sense. Maybe it will grow on me … i doubt it though. Stick w/ Appetite and the Illusions for your Guns fix!

  2. i love james hetfield’s comment. its true

  3. kerry king title was deceiving but when i watched, it was pretty funny. i reccomend to all to check out that kerry king article if you r wondering what slayer has been up to lately

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