Review: Orange Sky – Dat Iz Voodoo [2008]

amazon-orange-skyThe greatest Trinidadian rock band of all-time has finally arrived from Port of Spain. Please welcome Orange Sky as they spin their own nasty flavor of reggae and calypso on heavy metal in their latest release Dat Iz Voodoo. The opening track, “Yesterdays & Tomorows” sounds like a concoction of System of a Down, Bob Marley, and Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society—the infectious guitar riffs leave the listener salivating for more grooves. The singer and lead guitarist, Nigel Rojas, wails the lyric, “everybody needs their religion, but some can’t make their decision.” It is clear that rock and roll has been the band’s choice for both religion and law from an early age. “Is There Anybody There” is a heavy reggae tune, reminiscent of how The Clash infused reggae with their brand of punk music, while “Alone” showcases the rapid lyrical skills of Nigel Rojas. The track “Roses” features a clean intro that erupts with progressive metal guitar riffs and drumming in the style of early Dream Theater. “Run” begins with a solid drum solo by Obasi Springer then turns into a great circle-pit tune. The album ends with the appropriately titled, “Closer,” a ballad that mixes electronic drums, triumphant guitar solos, and uplifting lyrics. Orange Sky is certainly equipped with the talent and passion to turn many heads. If you are in the mood for some metal that is different and intelligent, or in the mood to groove, then this record is highly recommended. B+

Orange Sky is Nigel Rojas [vocals/guitars], Nicholas Rojas [bass/vocals], Obasi Springer [drums/percussion], Richard Hall [additional keyboards], and Dion Howe [additional guitars].


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