Scott Weiland’s “Happy In Galoshes” Lacks Greatness

amazon-weilandScott Weiland’s new solo effort Happy in Galoshes is basically one unexciting journey. Weiland is one of the best frontmen in rock music today and arguably one of the all-time greats. However, since leaving Velvet Revolver, he hasn’t been performing to his full rock and roll potential as demonstrated on last summer’s Stone Temple Pilots reunion.

One interesting aspect of this release is that the members of No Doubt make up Weiland’s rhythm section. Tom Dumont [guitars], Tony Kanal [bass], and Adrian Young [drums] are very talented musicians that serve as a great studio band and are probably responsible for making this record listenable.

Opening the record is “Missing Cleveland,” a catchy ditty that would please most STP fans and serves as an album highlight. The single, “Paralysis” contains pretty guitars and a fun drum boogie that makes the listener want to get down. However, the yucky stuff seems to outweigh the greatness, as heard on the lackluster cover of David Bowie’s “Fame,” that makes Tommy Lee’s version [Never a Dull Moment] seem genius. Slower tracks such as “Beautiful Day” and “Arch Angel” seem to go on for far too long. Then there is “She Sold Her System,” an experimental tune with fake drums, soft vocals, and guitars that fall short of triumphal.

Overall, the execution of the music is pretty good, but bearing Scott Weiland’s name, the album is disappointing—someone with such great rock showmanship can deliver far more powerful material. However, as a No Doubt record, with Gwen Stefani singing lead, this record would by an A+ all the way. B-/C+

Track Listing:
Missing Cleveland
Tangle With Your Mind
Blind Confusion
She Sold Her System
Killing Me Sweetly
Big Black Monster
Beautiful Day
Pictures & Computers (I’m Not Superman)
Arch Angel
Be Not Afraid

Scott Weiland [vocals], Doug Grean [guitar/bass], Tom Dumont [guitar], Tony Kanal [bass], Adrian Young [drums].


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