Miscellaneous Rock Links: Phil Misses Pantera, Metallica’s Internet Album, Top 10 Car Tracks…

1. In an interview with Antiquiet, Phil Anselmo misses Pantera, wonders if Dimebag Darrell would still be here if it weren’t for the media’s portrayal of the band’s split, and affirms that he’s “f*ckin’ stronger than f*ckin’ most f*ckin’ men” his age [blabbermouth.net].

2. Metallica’s record contract is finally fulfilled, which means that they will explore some fresh options for their next record given their freedom. Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone that this could include “an internet thing” [musicradar.com].

3. The New York City Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex is now open for business. Obviously, this is worth checking out if you are within the tri-state area. Tickets are $18-$26 [rockannex.com].

4. This week Autopia listed their “10 Best Songs About Cars.” Sammy Hagar made the #8 spot with “I Can’t Drive 55,” while Prince took #1 with “Little Red Corvette.” Autopia listed “Highway Star” by Deep Purple as an honorable mention, while “Dragula” by Rob Zombie and “Jerry Was a Racecar Driver” by Primus are no where to be found making this list very weak [blog.wired.com].

5. Metal Blade records, which launched Metallica, Slayer, and King Diamond under Brian Slagel, have partnered with digital distributor INgrooves. This deal should increase online advertising and marketing of upcoming Metal Blade artists such as Austrian Death Machine and Cattle Decapitation [marketwatch.com].


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