Review: Rob Zombie “War Zone” The Punisher Soundtrack [2008]

amazon-punisherRob Zombie offers a song titled “War Zone” for the upcoming movie, The Punisher: War Zone, scheduled for release on Dec. 5 through Lions Gate Entertainment. Here’s a quick rundown of the new Zombie tune:

“War Zone” begins with a heavy tom-tom percussive groove—guitars soon enter that build up to the signature Zombie ax squeals heard in his work before. The song features haunting clean guitars and creepy effects throughout the verses. John 5 delivers one hell of a shredfest during the guitar solo. Strangely, at 3:04 the drums and guitars enter what feels like an interlude, but then the track abruptly ends. Despite tricking the listener in the end, the song is a typical Rob Zombie heavy rocker—if you are a fan, then surely you will dig this track. As far as comparing this song to Zombies previous work, “War Zone” would fit better on Educated Horses than The Sinister Urge. 8/10

Listen to “War Zone”

Buy the single or soundtrack here

Full Soundtrack Song listing
  • Rob Zombie “War Zone”
  • Slayer “Final Six”
  • Slipknot “Psychosocial”
  • Rise Against “Historia Calamitatum”
  • Seether “Fallen”
  • Kerli “Bulletproof”
  • Contest Winner- TBD
  • Senses Fail “The Past Is Proof”
  • Machines of Loving Grace “Butterfly Wings”
  • Justice “Genesis”
  • Pendulum “Showdown”
  • Hatebreed “Refuse / Resist”
  • Static-X “Lunatic”
  • Ramallah “Days of Revenge”

The Punisher: War Zone Movie Trailer

The White Zombie box set, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie is in stores now. It features every song recorded including rare demos. Check out the full track listing at


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