Miscellaneous Rock Links: Ozzy Turns 60, Metallica Supports Sewing, Zombie for Halloween II…

Milestone of the Day: Ozzy Osbourne turns 60 years old. Hey, there may not be too much rocking left, so you better catch him while you still can [contactmusic.com].

Rumor of the Day: Rob Zombie might be up for directing the sequel to Halloween. According to the studio, there should be a press release later in the week addressing this possibility [blabbermouth.net].

Recipe of the Day: Check out the recipe for Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s “Rock Your World” Quesasillas [orlandosentinel.com].

Strange Metallica News: According to drummer Lars Ulrich, Metallica plans to support Death Magnetic on the road until 2010. It is great to see that they are still up for these massive tours as they approach their late 40s [spin.com].

Stranger Metallica News: Metallica autographs a sewing machine for a San Francisco fashion show raffle. Why the hell not? [musicradar.com].


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