Review: Chingalera – Dose [2008]

amazon-chingaleraLos Angeles trio Chingalera’s latest disc suggests this unit definitely spent a lot of time with their Melvins and Tool discs with a smattering of Queens of the Stone Age and Fantomas on the side prior to stepping into Sylvia Massy’s lair. The sprawling five-track, near hour long exhibition DOSE is the end result of such a keen study, an affair steeped in ambition and hellbent on providing lush soundscapes before hitting you over the head with post-hardcore spaciousness and heady stoner rock grooves. Effects-heavy avant garde interludes compel the urge to hit the skip button many times throughout (especially during the trying 16:23 “You Were Happy When You Came In Here”), but make no mistake: this band is deadset on constructing atmospheres before releasing rock mayhem and makes you earn you way to get to the infectious Helmet -esque chug and snare combo carried on “Eveler”. www.chingalera.orgMike SOS

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