Review: Equilibrium – Sagas [2008]

amazon-equilibriumOnce the horns blast in about a minute into “Prolog Auf Erden”, you know what kind of experience you’re headed for courtesy of Bavarian quintet Equilibrium and their authentic 13-track folk metal explosion SAGAS. Shades darker than their peers, this act bashes out with the same strep throat vocals and voluminous velocity of bands such as Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom (“Unbesiegt”) but doesn’t leave its roots in the cold, going as far as singing all of their songs in their native tongue of German and implementing traditional instrumentation such as woodwinds into its blackened metallic assault. In a world where power chords and pan flutes collide, Equilibrium stands strong on top of the heap, adorned with the proper balance of shredding metal and folksy banter to persuade even the most hardened metal fan to take another gander at that Viking helmet and sword combination deal. www.nuclearblastusa.comMike SOS

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