Review: Dear Life – Framework [2008]

amazon-dear-lifeHow five kids from the middle of California grew up with a NYHC-sized chip on their shoulders is inexplicable, yet Dear Life brings it with the gravel-throated conviction and oodles of beefy breakdowns you’d expect from an East Coast crew on FRAMEWORK. Imagine a tough guy version of Comeback Kid for an indication of what to expect from this adroit quintet whose searing aggression bursts through the speakers on cuts like “Prophets” and “The Architects.” Produced by the same folks responsible for bands such as The Warriors and Death By Stereo, Dear Life’s overall presentation may contain a few too many breakdowns for the ardent hardcore follower, but the sheer passion conveyed throughout this 10-track endeavor carries this band of new jacks over the rough patches just enough to warrant them repeated listens. www.uprisingrecords.comMike SOS


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