Review: String Fingers – Strung Up [2008]

amazon-string-fingersString Fingers is a tandem whose 10-track excursion STRUNG UP showcases this duo’s deep-ceded roots rock and Americana foundation. Comprising their sound from an array of stringed instruments from banjo and  fiddle to violin and  guitar, this outfit’s sound borrows from everything from James Taylor and Bob Dylan to bluegrass and Appalachian music  on cuts like “Without a Doubt” and demonstrates their solid musicianship on folksy instrumentals such as “Creekside Ride” and the whimsical “Silicon Valley.” Curiously this project goes all out on the closing track “The Deal,” introducing a slew of guest musicians which includes live drums, female vocals and Stax-era horns with a dash of soul  to end up on a rocking  high note. Perfect for some quiet time or a scenic drive, this disc delivers a versatile collection of traditional American music whose influences come from both the hills and the backwoods and  the college campus coffeehouse. www.interneterarecords.comMike SOS

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