Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 6 [12-20-08] Ace Frehley

metalshow_logo2That Metal Show starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its sixth episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The first topic of discussion concerned classic metal bands that reunite for tours without original members. Florentine noted that Guns N’ Roses works because Axl Rose is one of the best frontmen of all-time. Jamieson pointed out that Lemmy could tour without the rest of Motorhead but not vice versa. The same holds true for Dave Mustaine and Megadeth. I would have liked to hear their views on Skid Row touring without Sebastian Bach.

amazon-ace-frehleyAce Frehley, the legendary lead guitarist of Kiss, was this week’s special raspy-voiced guest. He talked about his new band, return to the stage, playing Madison Square Garden [I believe this was in reference to the Pearl Jam concert where he performed “Black Diamond” during their encore on June 25, 2008], developing guitar effects, and Trunk’s wedding.

However, the interview was boring until Trunk asked Frehley how he felt about Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley dressing up guitarists in Frehley’s makeup and costume on tour. Frehely took several seconds to think before answering, “Am I happy about it? No.”

Frehley also finds Simmons realty show to be hysterical.

amazon-rock-band-2Florentine and Jamieson hit the Bowery Ballroom to interview tribute bands for David Bowie, The Bee Gees, Motley Crue, and David Lee Roth. While this segment was far from electrifying, the Asian female version of “Tommy Lee” was amusing.

Following the segment, Frehley noted that he saw a great Kiss tribute band in Canada.

This week two out of three fans stumped Trunk on “Stump The Trunk.” One audience member received a full Rock Band 2 video game set for Xbox 360 after Trunk could not answer a Rainbow question correctly. Trunk was in disbelief and wanted to check the accuracy of the questions. For the record, Trunk’s average fell further below .500 to .455 for the first season (10/22).

amazon-anvilThe “Pick of the Week” was Anvil: The Story of Anvil, a documentary about a Canadian heavy metal band that few have ever heard of but managed to release 14 albums over the years. Legends such as Slash and Lars Ulrich pay tribute to the band in the beginning of the movie. The hosts agreed that the documentary was sad and funny. “I actually cried,” said Florentine.

The email of the week concerned the whereabouts of Gregg Giuffria following Angel, Giuffria, and House of Lords. It turns out that he owns a casino and rights to a special slot machine that plays music. If you are ever in Biloxi Mississippi, then stop by his Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

“The Throwdown” was a “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” Ozzy vs. Dio debate. Space Ace Frehley chose Ozzy because Kiss opened for Black Sabbath in the early days. Trunk sided with Dio because Heaven and Hell was his first Black Sabbath record. Florentine chose Ozzy. Jamieson went with Ozzy while joking that Dio was “the best Rainbow singer.” This was the first show in which “The Throwdown” was not divided in half among the hosts and special guest.

amazon-krokusEpisode 6 of Season 1 was not a great show in comparison to the Twisted Sister, Mike Portnoy, and Mike Piazza episodes. The Florentine and Jamieson street segment turned out lame and Frehley is not a dazzling guest or interviewee. I must say, however, that Florentine sported a cool vintage red Krokus t-shirt throughout the episode.

Next week’s show is the final new episode of Season 1 that features Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of Rush.

You can watch the full episodes of That Metal Show on

Read my post of the June 25, 2008 Pearl Jam show that featured Ace Frehley on his signature Les Paul guitar


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