Review: Candygram For Mongo – Candygram For Mongo [2008]


Los Angeles pop punk squad Candygram for Mongo return with an eponymous 13-track offering chock full of infectious melodies containing more hooks than a tackle box. Cuts like “What Are We” and “Big Mary” portray the rambunctious feel of a spiked hair contingent with the usual imminent sense of danger replaced with the sharp songwriting skills you’d hear from the likes of Elvis Costello or Cheap Trick. Edgy yet accessible, tracks like “Meltdown” and “Fairfax Avenue” display a bounce that’s perfect for the Warped Tour with a sing along chorus tailor-made for a drunken night with old friends while songs like “Rock To Live” showcase the Celtic-esque vibe employed by the likes of Flogging Molly and Against Me. With their freewheeling nature at the forefront of everything they do, Candygram for Mongo have made a prime candidate of a record to throw on to not only get the party started but to keep the good times rolling all night long. SOS


Editor’s Note: Just in case you have no clue where this band gets their name from:

The famous scene and line begins at approx. 3:20…from the Mel Brooks’ classic BLAZING SADDLES.


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