Review: Light Yourself On Fire – Intimacy [2008]

amazon-light-yourselfHailing from the death metal stomping ground of Tampa, FL, scene veterans Light Yourself on Fire’s furious sound takes ample cues (especially guitar-wise) from bands like Obituary and Deicide, yet is well-versed in the adventures of bands like Converge as well, resulting in the six-track, 17-minute sojourn titled INTIMACY. Ensconced in movie dialogue samples and chugging harder than a NFL offensive line at the last quarter-mile of their daily laps, this quartet doesn’t shy away from showcasing its broad range of interests or displaying their intellect while crushing your puny existence with their punishing array of battleground rhythms or mid-tempo maulings heard on cuts like “New Baby Girl” or laying down thick slabs of Candiria-esque doomy death rock on “Haunts.” Not for fans of attention spans, this disc jumps and bounces around like a hyperactive child after a Halloween night candy fix,revealing a monstrous hybrid that strikes hard and fast and leaves discernible marks for the left of center metal clan. www.seventhrule.comMike SOS


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