Review: Saxon “Live To Rock” [2009]

amazon-saxon-singleSaxon, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal band that inspired Spinal Tap, is back with a brand new single “Live To Rock,” which appears on the upcoming album Into The Labyrinth due out Jan. 9.

“Live To Rock” begins with a keyboard sequence that would excite any old school Saxon or Bon Jovi fan. Aggressive lead guitar fills soon enter the tune as the track erupts into a head banger’s delight with Biff Byford’s vocals still strong at 57 years old. With a catchy chorus, bellicose guitars, and thunderous drums this cut will surely be an iPod playlist staple for the classic fan in 2009. 8/10

Watch the official “Live To Rock” music video below:


One Response to “Review: Saxon “Live To Rock” [2009]”

  1. […] the years put them in precarious positions, both musically and with the audience, songs like “Live to Rock” and “Hellcat” exude the come-uppance spirit of their early years and show that […]

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