Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 8 [1-10-08] Best Of Season 1

metalshow_logoThat Metal Show starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired a “Best of Season 1” show for its eighth episode  on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The hosts showed and discussed some of their favorite moments while sitting in their usual chairs in the show’s studio sans audience. The first segment showed was the first segment they taped which was Florentine and Jamieson messing with the Van Halen fans outside of Madison Square Garden [Episode 1]. Florentine wore a cool Metallica “Fuel Pit” long sleeve shirt while he and Jamieson screwed around with some blond metal dude with a Brooklyn accent  over Wolfgang Van Halen playing bass. This bit was much funnier the second time around.

Next, they showed their favorite guest moments such as: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush joking about how their drug habits changed [Episode 7]; Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater talking about the one year [1992] his band had a female fan base [Episode 4]; Dee Snider and Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister reminiscing about Snider’s congressional hearings [Episode 3]; Lita Ford crying while thinking about being away from her fans for a long time; Yngwie Malmsteen shredding on his Strat [Episode 2]; Mike Piazza’s first Kiss concert [Episode 5]; Ace Frehley of Kiss considering his greatest moment, Trunk’s wedding or playing MSG [Episode 6]?

fuel“The Best of” show recognized all of the times that Gene Simmons came up as a topic for discussion throughout season one. Piazza did his best Gene impression [Episode 5], French tore into Gene’s greediness [Episode 3], and Frehley made fun of Gene’s “Family Jewels” show on A&E [Episode 6].

“Stump The Trunk’s” memorable moments were shown next and it became clear that Florentine’s cracks at Trunk during “Stump The Trunk” make this segment worth keeping. I was surprised that the large chesty blond woman was not included in this “Best of” piece as she seemed to carry a certain presence as a studio audience member throughout the season.

Trunk, Florentine, and Jamieson revisited the tattoo parlor prank played on Trunk [Episode 4]. This time around it seemed less scripted as they showed new footage of Trunk calling his sick wife whom he left to drive NYC for the prank.

My favorite guest moment of the season was the final piece shown on this “Best of” episode—the drunken Mike Piazza Guns N’ Roses story [Episode 5]. We learned that they filmed this story after the official taping. I actually wondered why their wasn’t more interaction with the audience during this hysterical concert memoir.

In conclusion, the first season of That Metal Show was more of a success than a failure. While many critics bashed the pilot episode, I only saw the potential for growth and this show has clearly grown throughout its inaugural season. I am proud of VH1 for finally producing a decent Hard Rock show—it has been far too long and I am looking forward to what season two will have in store.

Here is my episode ranking of That Metal Show excluding the “Best of” show:

  1. “Mike Piazza & AC/DC” [Episode 5] 12-13-08
  2. “Twisted Sister” [Episode 3] 11-29-08
  3. “Mike Portnoy” [Episode 4] 12-06-08
  4. “Rush” [Episode 7] 12-27-08
  5. “Ace Frehley” [Episode 6] 12-20-08
  6. “Yngwie Malmsteen” [Episode 2] 11-22-08
  7. “Lita Ford” [Episode 1] 11-15-08

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