Review: Dawn Of Demise – Hate Takes Its Form [2008]

amazon-dawn-of-demiseDanish death metal mavens Dawn of Demise unleash a sinister assault on your senses with the release of the 10-track affair titled HATE TAKES ITS FORM. Spawned from a template of acts ranging from Suffocation to Cannibal Corpse, this quintet pounds you into submission with a bevy of tortured growls, thunderous drums, and machine gun turret guitarwork on cuts like “…And Blood Will Flow” and the blistering “Impurity”. Injecting a modern edge to their sturdy old school foundation only adds to this squad’s general sense of malice, as cuts like “Beyond Murder” and the undeniable death groove on “Intent to Kill” display studio enhancements which assist this troupe’s  malevolent mid-paced chunk to really pack a punch. Sporting death metal that respectfully demonstrates the genre’s core values with a decisive modern slant, Dawn of Demise will appeal to all death metal mongers looking for another carcass to feast on. www.deepsend.comMike SOS


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