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Review: Metal Church – This Present Wasteland [2008]

Posted in Metal Church, SOS Metal Update with tags on January 18, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-metal-churchThe latest installment from Metal Church is the 10-track THIS PRESENT WASTELAND. Retaining the group’s traditional metal sounds, don’t expect anything new or different from these scene vets, but do expect some powerful and killer vocals courtesy of latest throat Ronny Munroe (“Deeds of a Dead Soul”) in addition to a smattering of mid-paced metal assaults such as “Breathe Again” and “A War Never Won.” If you dig the band’s early days and also like the works of Savatage and Iced Earth, there’s enough classic metal goodness and solid straight-ahead metal available from the latest incarnation of this metal giant’s affair to spark the senses. www.spvusa.comMike SOS