Recap: “DIY Radio” Hosted by Mike SOS on Sirius XM [1-18-09]

Mike SOS offered up the following stellar playlist while excellently playing host on “DIY Radio” last night on Sirius XM Faction.

1. Slayer “Angel of Death” [BUY] “The first song I really could not, not play,” said SOS.

2. Deftones “Bored” [BUY] “They blossomed into a beautiful band,” said SOS.

3. Suicidal Tendencies “Join The Army” [BUY] “This is definitely one of the perennial main crossover bands from back in the day,” said SOS.

4. Misfits “Angelfuck” [BUY] “The evil Elvis incarnate,” said SOS of Glen Danzig.

5. Anthrax “Bring The Noise” [BUY] “From the old school hip-hop when it mattered,”said SOS.

6. Sick of it All “Step Down” [BUY] “A worldwide band from Flushing Queens,” said SOS.

7. SOS [Track from the album Adult Situations] “If you wanna go bowling with a loser like me,” remarked SOS.

8. Seizure Crypt “Thankless” [BUY] “Another band close to my heart,” said SOS.

9. Black Flag “My War” [BUY] “I learned inside out,” said SOS.

10. Pantera “F*cking Hostile” [BUY] “Pantera was the band that held the Metal flag…keeping the metal flames alive throughout their tenure,” said SOS.

11. Helmet & House of Pain “Just Another Victim” [BUY] “Just get assaulted,” said SOS.

12. Metallica “Escape” [BUY] “Metallica never gave a fuck, never did, always flew the Metallica flag,” said SOS.

Overall, this was a solid installment of “DIY Radio” as hosted by Mike SOS. I was very happy to see the Helmet and  House of Pain track in the playlist because Judgement Night is perhaps the greatest movie soundtrack of all time, which now sells for about 86 cents on And of course no one can argue with the legendary tracks from Slayer, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, and Metallica.

If you want some info on becoming host of your very own program then go to and apply.

Mike SOS band links:  Seizure CryptSOS


One Response to “Recap: “DIY Radio” Hosted by Mike SOS on Sirius XM [1-18-09]”

  1. Cool shite, Michael.

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