Review: Heavy Metal Box – Disc 3 [2007]

amazon-heavy-metal2If you ever wanted a true audio history of Heavy Metal music then you might want to consider the Heavy Metal Box released by Rhino Records. The set contains 4 CDs in a neat box shaped as a Marshall head with knobs that go to “11.”

The first disc of the compilation covered the heavy blues of the late 60’s and 70’s, the second disc consisted of an intro to the early 80’s with the N.W.O.B.H.M. as its focal point, and disc three continues the journey with a mid 80’s glam orgy and a little thrash thrown in towards the end. Here is the complete track listing of disc 3:

  1. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” The Scorpions (Definitely the most popular Scorpions track but those of you that are down with these hard rocking Germans know that there are better tunes.)
  2. “Metal Health” Quiet Riot (A classic head banging track recently resurrected by The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke. This tune served as the main character’s ring entrance music.)
  3. “Into The Fire” Dokken (Great shredding by George Lynch.)
  4. “Balls To The Wall” Accept (“The Accept Dilemma” can be defined by the following comment, upon hearing the opening on the radio: “I love AC/DC, turn it up man.”)
  5. “Round And Round” Ratt (I think Darren Aronofsky’s soundtrack man simply looked to this box to pick The Wrestler’s music.)
  6. “I Wanna Rock” Twisted Sister (This year marks the 25th anniversary of Stay Hungry so TS is planning a world tour with the original stage design and costumes. I can’t wait.)
  7. “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams” Hanoi Rocks (Honestly, I am not sure why this track popped up on this compilation but I am feeling Vince Neil had something to do with it.)
  8. “Big Bottom” Spinal Tap (The Spinal Tap Heavy Metal mocumentary is just as important to the genre as any band from the Sunset Strip.)
  9. “Midnite Maniac” Krokus (An often underappreciated band and track. This song features a titillating video for those of you that enjoy 80’s strippers.)
  10. “I’ll See The Light Tonight” Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force (This was the first Yngwie tune I ever heard and it is still one of my favorites, however I never grew obsessed with his guitar virtuosity.)
  11. “Crazy Nights” Loudness (How did this one squeek its way into the box?)
  12. “Shake Me” Cinderella (Great track! I would have been cool with “Gypsy Road” as well.)
  13. “Watch The Children Pray” Metal Church (Believe it or not, MC is still making solid records. Check out their latest album This Present Wasteland)
  14. “Too Hell With The Devil” Stryper (This song and band still makes me chuckle. Fly bumble bee, fly!)
  15. “A Little Time” Helloween (Combining Satan’s home with many Metal fans’ favorite holiday: GENIUS. No, actually it is silly and juvenile.)
  16. “Wrecking Crew” Overkill (The last Overkill superfan I bumped into, had one tooth, a beard down to his belly button, and hadn’t showered in 7-10 business days…cool!)
  17. “Caught In A Mosh” Anthrax (I was in the first grade when my neighbor first brought the I’m The Man EP over, and I have loved thrash ever since.)
  18. “Peace Sells” Megadeth (Simply amazing…Dave Mustaine is still a monster of thrash metal even though he wept like a megababy in Some Kind of Monster.)

So far the major weaknesses of the box continue to be the lack of Ozzy’s Black Sabbath and AC/DC, however I consider those two bands to be on a completely different and much higher level; some can argue that it would be a disgrace to include them on a compilation set because this concept is beneath these bands. On the other end, the Heavy Metal Box is incomplete without them. Additionally, I wonder if Nikki Sixx was thinking the same thing of Mötley Crüe when the box set was prepared. 9/10

Buy the Heavy Metal Box (Rhino Records)


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