Review: The Acacia Strain – Continent [2008]

amazon-acacia-strainPerennially pissed off Massachusetts quartet The Acacia Strain returns with a crippling shot to the throat on the devastating CONTINENT. This 11-track collection is punishingly heavy from end to end, and is relentless in the pursuit to level anything standing in this unmistakably vitriolic outfit’s way. Brazen with hate-filled heft, despite the barrage of cliche tough guy posturings and profane revenge lyrical topics dumbing down the entire affair, everything else heard from the left of center breakdowns to the brutal vocals on this jaded juggernaut oozes angst in ways that make songs such as “Baby Buster” and “Dr. Doom” perfect aggressive anthems for disenchanted youth to go insane to. And stick around for the album’s closer, the atmospheric instrumental “The Behemoth” for a different side to this frothing beast’s dastardly delivery . -Mike SOS

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