Resurrection: Motley Crue – Too Fast For Love [1982]

amazon-motley-crue-tfflIt was the album to put L.A. Glam on the map—Mötley Crüe not only started a scene they piggybacked its ingredients. Snotty songs about rocking, rolling,  f*cking, and fighting, Too Fast For Love still to this day packs the same punch it did when it first dropped. Costing a mere $7,000, TFFL caught the eye of many a label and it soon became another fight to make Mötley Crüe what they are today.

The record was originally released in 1981 on the independent label Leathur Records and then self-promoted until Elektra decided that this money making machine was about to take off. Re-released and re-recorded in 1982, TFFL was an instant success and made the local boys full time rock stars. Here’s a track listing and a brief description of each:

  1. “Live Wire” – Mick Mars’ shredding on this only made it a classic. The old 1-2 punch if you will (VIDEO).
  2. “Come on and Dance” – basically a LA version of a New York Dolls’ inspired song. great backup vocals
  3. “Public Enemy #1” – another song about one of Motley’s favorite passtime : fighting
  4. “Merry-Go-Around” – awesomely creepy tune about a man in an asylum ready to come home and claim his woman
  5. “Take Me to The Top” –  Tommy Lee’s driving beat and Mick Mars chopping blues complement Vince Neil’s howl on the Nikki Sixx lyric make this a great team effort
  6. “Piece of Your Action” – sexual domination backed by rock n roll bliss: classick!
  7. “Starry Eyes” – beautiful yet sleazy, a nice Motley type love song
  8. “Too Fast For Love” – of course this one rocks, it’s the title track! To sum it up, get yours before i gets mine
  9. “On With The Show” – a beautiful suicide note thankfully not acted on. I still get the chills on this one
A beautiful introduction to a band—it’s not just punk and it’s not just rock, it’s life. -Nza

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