Review: Daylight Dies – Lost To The Living [2008]

amazon-daylight-diesReturning with another dose of morose modern metal comes Daylight Dies, whose latest nine-track journey to the darker edge of the metal spectrum doles out an immense array of aggressive yet atmospheric music. Tracks such as “The Morning Light” expertly displays this band’s facility to wander off the typical tempos yet still maintain a mighty doom-laden crunch while “At A Loss” takes a sullen turn as atmospheric guitars and synths glisten through layers of dissonance. Armed with a more pronounced presence of piano this time around, this North Carolina unit is able to delve down into deeper pits of despair to drum up the sorrow and loss needed to feel to be able to convincingly pull off somber found on cuts like “Last Alone.” Rendering another solid slab of melancholic metal, Daylight Dies continues to engage with their fertile massive heft and bleak overtone combination. -Mike SOS

Preview and buy Daylight Dies – Lost To The Living

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