Review: Voices WWE The Music Vol. 9 [2009]

amazon-wweRemember that crazy feeling you used to get inside when you heard the opening power chords to Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” or the theme music for the Ultimate Warrior as you watched him hurl towards the ring at full speed? Well, the WWE recently released its ninth volume of entrance music for some of today’s most popular (inferior when compared to the Hulkster’s era) professional wrestlers.

Tunes such as “Voices (Randy Orton)” and “Pain (Vladimir Kozlov)” feature modern rock elements like industrial drum kits, guitars, and synthesizers, while other tracks exhibit a Kid Rock or even a hip-hop feel.

The “Land of Five Rivers (Great Khali)” contains a great tribal vibe while fully utilizing the appropriate percussive elements as does “Tribal Trouble (Umaga).”

The vocalist of “Get On Your Knees (Jack Swagger)” is an unapologetic Zack de la Rocha [Rage Against The Machine] wannabe while the guitars do the same for Tom Morello.

Long time WWE composer, James A. Johnson penned all of the songs on the album and has written a large chunk of the organization’s material since 1985.

Unless you are a WWE superfan to the end, you should pass on this volume. If you are hungry for a WWE record, check out the Junk Yard Dog and the Nikolai Volkoff classics on The Wrestling Album or better yet, all the greats on WWE Anthology. C


One Response to “Review: Voices WWE The Music Vol. 9 [2009]”

  1. Jake Cosmo Says:

    Yeah, the Jack Swagger Tune’s intentionally a Rage sounding one- it was recorded by a Boston area Rage Against The Machine tribute act “Age Against The Machine”- I just found ’em online. Not to bad! That and the Orton tune are the best on the cd by far, but yeah, agreed, some of the other leave much to be desired.

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