Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” Will Win 4 (or 2) Grammy Awards Tonight

amazon-metallica-death-magnetic1Historically, Metallica is 7 for 16 at the Grammy Awards which works out to be a measly .438 winning percentage. The official Gears of Rock prediction is that Metallica will walk away from the 51st Grammy Awards with a more respectable .550 (11/20).

Here is how it will work:

  1. “My Apocalypse” will win Best Metal Performance because Slipknot’s mediocre “Psychosocial” is the only posed threat. Slipknot lacks the history and the level of talent to compete with the Bay Area Thrashers.
  2. “Suicide & Redemption” will most likely take Best Rock Instrumental category. David Gilmour and Steve Vai are cool but undeserving of this award because Vai’s tune is a Frank Zappa ripoff and Gilmour’s track was recorded in Poland.
  3. The Metallica production team will win Best Recording Package without a doubt due to the fact that no one has ever heard of (or cared for) any of the other albums in the group.
  4. The one category I am worried about is Best Rock Album and that is due to the presence of Coldplay’s Living La Vida Loca or was it Viva La Vida? Death Magnetic should win with ease but the Academy has a soft spot for loser-riffic pop rock such as Coldplay.

Bonus Award: I would also throw Best Producer to Rick Rubin over (interesting play on a common name) and Danger Mouse (or Brian Burton by birth).

Other sites to watch for: What will the reunited Blink-182 do at the show and following the ceremony? Does Green Day have anyhting planned (hints have been placed on their website)? How hard will Sir Paul McCartney and David Grohl rock?

Addendum: Metallica took 2 out of the 4 categories above for Best Recording Package and Best Metal Song. They lost the instrumental category to Steve Vai’s Zappa cover and the Best Rock Album went to the non-rocking belly shirt wearing Coldplay.


2 Responses to “Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” Will Win 4 (or 2) Grammy Awards Tonight”

  1. Looking forward to seeing Metallica pick up some well deserved awards tonight. They also just launched this great new online store with new Metallica merch, special for shipping in Canada! Great prices, great merch, can’t wait to get mine…

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