Love Songs Of Rock For Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

Here are 10 tunes of hard rock for your Valentine’s Day playlist—don’t worry we will start it off sweet, soft, and cuddly before erupting into an evening of wild passion and romance.

1.  “Love Song” Tesla…contains one of the most beautiful classical guitar intros in rock music ever; just watch the ladies’ reaction in the audience.

2.  “Without You” Mötley Crüe…the bad boys from the Sunset Strip loved creating “panty removers” such as this.

3.  “Two Steps Behind” Def Leppard…not the most popular Leppard song ever but certainly one of the most romantic.

4.  “I Remember You” Skid Row…aruguably the best so-called “monster ballad” of all time.

5.  “Beth” Kiss…can be a little weird if your main squeeze has a different name, in which case insert “Love Gun” here.

6.  “Baby, I Love You” The Ramones…a sweet cover of the Ronnettes 1960’s classic that appeared on End of the Century.

7.  “Kiss Me Deadly” Lita Ford…it is time to get a little naughty.

8.   “Cherry Pie” Warrant…now down and dirty.

9.  “You Shook Me All Night Long” AC/DC…calm down there tiger, it is time to begin winding down.

10.  “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Poison…excellent job, now close out the night with some of that reflective cuddling she loves.


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