Review: Snatch Club – True Kids Superbrawl [2008]

amazon-snatch-clubGerman deathcore collective Snatch Club doles out a clobbering yet predictable array of churning rhythms and guttural growls on their debut endeavor TRUE KIDS SUPERBRAWL. Viciously battering eardrums with an incessant stream of low-end guitar grooves and burly beatdown breakdowns, imagine the extreme force that Job for a Cowboy going toe to toe with Emmure would sound like for an idea of the kind of inhumane sounds come from tracks like “Exhibition” and the eviscerating and savage “Female Serial Killer.” While this unit’s originality is questionable, their trips into sonic depravity are some of the more intriguing amongst the deathcore set, making this disc somewhat palatable for those who normally detest the genre. -Mike SOS

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