Review: From A Second Story Window – Conversations [2008]

amazon-from-a-secondWhile those who have followed From A Second Story Window since their inception may feel betrayed by the band’s recent  injections of accessible metal, this “Ohio-Vanian” quintet’s latest 10-track venture showcases a versatile outfit who demonstrate the wares to transform from smooth to savage at the drop of a hat (“Advancement Towards Nothingness”). Championing a somewhat cumbersome sound that wavers between slightly progressive metal and brooding metalcore, tracks such as “Monumental Reason” contain a cleanly sung melodic chorus that could have come from Taproot while “The Burning Bush” combines feral shouts with atmospheric fretwork for a Poison the Well-esque meets From Autumn to Ashes aura. The most noticeable aspect of CONVERSATIONS is the fluidity of the stylistic changes on cuts like “Severed Heads Open Minds,” where busy spurts of heavy but catchy grooves morph into crushing metal with gnashing death growls baring teeth. Intertwining 36 Crazyfists and Poison the Well with elements of The Red Chord, FASSW seamlessly stitch consonance and chaos together, reaching a new level of refined savagery along the way. -Mike SOS


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