Review: AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack [2008]

amazon-acdc-liveBy Emily Jacobson

The AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack is the hottest thing in Rock-n-Roll to hit the gaming world. It features 18 tracks of live, incredible, rocking, AC/DC tracks. Rock lovers everywhere will relish in the incredible sound and ability to mimic the greatest AC/DC tracks.

Some of the classics include but are not limited to; “Back in Black,” “Highway to Hell,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” and so many more! Old school AC/DC fans will definitely enjoy the remainder of the track list.

Each instrument, has over 90 minutes of available game play, so it would be quite difficult to get bored playing this. It gives you an electrifying, bone chilling first seat where you can pretend that you are part of the band. Grown ups and kids alike will definitely enjoy playing some of the world renowned songs by AC/DC! Its challenging for those that want a challenge too, which adds a little something to players that need difficult Rock Band Songs.

This game can be standalone, but you can also import it to be playable on other Rock Band games, instead of switching disks constantly. The live songs are also clean, so no profanity is in the game. It makes it family friendly for those nights when you want to rock out with the kids around, or if you are a kid yourself. AC/DC is also incredible at creating live music, so all of the tracks on this game are sure to impress. You won’t believe that they are really live, and not on “doctored” media disks such as a CD or cassette.

This game is selling out fast, which seems to prove that it’s worth the cost and the time looking for it. Fans everywhere are going crazy about it! If you play the game in career mode, you can also look forward to playing them in the same order as the original live show in which the songs came from! That definitely puts the game player in the first seat at possibly one of the best hard rock concerts on earth!

Overall the AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack is a hit! It will have you addicted to beating and mastering the songs, as well as having fun with your other Rock Band members. It’s great to play alone, with family, friends, or anyone else that wants to join in on some hardcore AC/DC Rock Band gaming!

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