Review: Endangered Feces – Number 2 [2008]

amazon-endangered-fecesWhen a band is named something as forthright as Endangered Feces, you can basically get the gist of what your in for. This Queens, NY collective (banned from the state of Rhode Island for urinating on Thursday’s tour bus) assuredly delivers a wide array of bathroom humor amongst hyper-sped flurries of punkish power chords heard on “City Dump” and “Deuces Wild”, yet their deliciously-titled 14-track, 16-minute sophomore endeavor NUMBER 2 cleverly crams drinking anthems (“Nectar of the Emerald Isle”), tributes to fallen friends (“Tribute to Al of Hate”), and a Willie Nelson cover of “On the Road Again” into the experience, rendering an album whose whimsical aura and breakneck precision complete a one-two punch that screams party personified. If you ever wondered what the bastard child of The Replacements, SOD, and NOFX would sound like, wonder no more. -Mike SOS


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