Review: Racebanon – Acid Or Blood [2008]

amazon-racebannonFearless noise punk troupe Racebannon triumphantly return with their first album in four years ACID OR BLOOD, a monstrous 11-track offering which brilliantly juxtaposition bits of beauty and brutality, effortlessly running circles around the competition. This seasoned Indiana outfit’s caustic heaviness and unbridled wrath wreaks havoc on cuts like the slow-churning “Bad Case Of” or the hypnotically bottom-end grooving “The Hard Way,” while songs like the schizophrenically savage “Sister F*cker” and “Vampyric Solution” reveal a multi-faceted musical experience where composition nuances are compromised and styles from sludge metal and grindcore to atmospheric electronic fiddlings are examined and explored past the point of no return. Cerebral to the highest disorder, Racebannon masterfully combine the experimental with the confrontational on this unapologetic endeavor to create a strange new apocalyptic sound brazen with immediacy. -Mike SOS

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